VC’s Message

TO GOD BE THE GLORY for He alone deserves the entire honor and I ascribe all majesty and dominion to Him. It is because of Him…… I share my words with you today as the first-ever Vice Chancellor of Global Campus and I stretch forward a hand of Global, Academic & Professional Platform in service to all of you, to the land like no other – Sri Lanka and to the whole world. 

Together, I Shall, U shall, we shall, take the pride of Sri Lanka to the greater heights and to the whole globe.

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to be a part of the GLOBAL CAMPUS (Deemed to be University) as its Vice Chancellor and I take this opportunity of welcoming all of you coming from all parts of the world, joining the campus in all the global education programmes. Most of such students have moved away from the folds of their family and nation to another in their quest of knowledge. One needs to feel that they are just moving away from one family fold to another. Their teachers, seniors and peers, all form an extended family from whom they can look up for any guidance, support and help to move ahead in life as professionals in the study programmes that they have opted.

As your Vice-Chancellor, I am honored and greatly privileged to lead GLOBAL CAMPUS and continue the ambitious global strategy of addressing the challenges and opportunities of the future to benefit our communities both locally and globally.

As a GLOBAL CAMPUS, we have strong global linkages, world-class learning environment and most importantly, an educational portfolio that blends the best of campus and digital delivery into a highly supportive and personalized student experience.

Our students and graduates will always be smarter, collaborative and entrepreneurial. We give our students opportunities to develop a global mindset through our partnerships with prominent universities and organizations around the world.

No matter where you are in Sri Lanka or the world, whether you seek a commercial, academic or community partnership, I invite you to collaborate with us. Let’s see what we can achieve together.

GLOBAL CAMPUS has highly qualified and experienced faculty in their respective fields of expertise. A large number of national and international conferences, seminars and workshops are organized by the campus. Such events provide a variety of experiences to the students and inculcate skills such as leadership and team spirit which are helpful in their career. Our faculty members have been able to publish quality research work in high impact factor journals of repute. There is an active interaction between faculty and students in the campus. The learning experiences in the campus pave a strong path for enhancement of overall development of the learners.

Further, the we are equipped to provide an e- learning and e-connect environment, along with lecture coordination system, document management system and virtual class rooms. The campus is situated in a serene environment. The serenity along with a complex structure of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will shape your physical, mental and intellectual growth. As an International student of the campus, you are the torch bearers of the different nations; you come from, in order to bring in positive change, towards a direction that will develop overall sustainability for better future.

I, wish and assure you, on behalf of the GLOBAL CAMPUS, that we will assist you pursue your objectives of life under the varied social, cultural and economic environment and make the GLOBAL CAMPUS proud of your attainments.

As a Vice Chancellor of GLOBAL CAMPUS, I am diligently and consistently willing to serve, in line with my avowed commitment to remain loyal and steadfast. I will neither take any team member, student, parent  nor any campus’ assignment for granted. I will tour on all the academic events, student events  and other important occasions as much as humanly possible. Quotations from wise sayings make it clear that you are as great as the help you give. 

Dear Prospective Students

We GLOBAL CAMPUS need your support; to move & transform the GLOBAL CAMPUS forward and give Global Education a GLOBAL vista in this part of the world. It is in this regard that I appeal to all of you to team up with us to tirelessly educate and serve in the days to come – not tomorrow  – it is now and today.

“Enter Locally – Exit Globally” motto was founded on the global education spirit strategy. We share the same destiny in the global education platform; therefore, we must work as one and together we shall excel in our quest to serve humanity. 

My appeal for all of you here with hearts of gold and since the expressions on your faces have assuring me, the management, the team global campus – of your support; I accept with humility and all seriousness of purpose to educate and serve GLOBAL CAMPUS as the Vice Chancellor. It is a small man…….. that stands on others; but a Global Personality stands on God. With God as the rock on which we stand, we shall not fail and we will never fail.

As we face the future with hope, challenged by the sheer determination to transform, we must strive to achieve the set goals, Hence, some of YOUR PART would be
– Frustrate tradition with your creativity
– Continue to do what is right as professionals. If you do this, what is wrong and who is wrong will eventually leave your life.
– The road to progress is always under construction: Be transform and display ethical behavior that would promote humility.
– Encourage family/ team collaboration at all times.
– Never mind whom you praise, but be careful whom you blame.

Our logo and theme emphasizes

‘Education is a supremacy” Unless we are knowledgeable in the tenets of education, we may not be able to exit globally as a global citizen ourselves and the society.

to conclude, I would like you to take as your motto the words of myself – I quote “Light a Candle Instead of Blaming the Darkness is a General Statement. Light a Light Instead of Blaming the Darkness is Revolutionizational Statement for Today, Tomorrow and Forever “

We at Global Campus are fully geared to provide a light for you, for you to light the light for your life, for your family, for your organization, for your village, for your motherland and to the whole world.

In that piece, we GLOBAL CAMPUS going to touch on our record in Global Education with our credentials, experience, our agenda and together with all of your support. Hence – This Global Invitation is for You to Bring Your Light to GLOBAL CAMPUS and Enter Locally; and we will add our lights for you to Exit Globally

Revolutionizer ISHRI

VIce Chancellor – GLOBAL CAMPUS


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