If you have ever considered getting an MBA from an accredited college or university, it’s important for you to first understand what an MBA degree is all about, as well as how you can benefit from obtaining the MBA title. There are thousands of MBA colleges & universities  that offer with various benefits and advantages; however, not all of them are created equal. Essentially, the main purpose and intention of an MBA is to prepare you for a higher management position.

The first ever MBA program was established at the Tuck Business School in the early 20th century. Today, there are nearly 7000 MBA colleges & universities offering the MBA program as part of their curriculum. Although most people obtain an MBA with the intention of working in business and management, there are many students obtain an MBA with an emphasis in Information Technology, while others pursue with an emphasis in Sales, Marketing, HR and other related areas.

Why Should You Get an MBA?

For most people, a huge pay raise is enough incentive to get an MBA degree. You can expect to earn at least 50 percent more than you earned before obtaining the degree. So, if you were making $25,000 a year, you should expect to make $45,000 after graduation.

How Do You Earn an MBA ?

For decades, the MBA program has been geared toward attending the college on a rigorous, full-time basis, but many colleges now offer different formats that allow you to attend classes less frequently. For example, many students work their jobs during the day and attend college at evening/ night. More recently, learning institutions offer MBA programs online, and you can attend virtual classroom sessions. These courses offer convenient advantages; however, many students prefer one-on-one interaction with others in a classroom environment especially an MBA program.

On average, it takes about 1 to 2 years to complete the entire program. However, there are duration  available.

What are the Benefits of an MBA Degree?

Overall, MBA graduates obtain higher positions in business and management, especially for those who already hold executive and managerial positions. Moreover, MBA graduates seek positions such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) etc.,

MBA degree awarded from a leading educational institution has a greater value and opportunity to those seeking higher education such as GLOBAL CAMPUS.

What are the Benefits of an MBA Degree?

An MBA program offered from a leading college or university offers a wide range of benefits including business knowledge, leadership abilities, skills development and networking.

Not only will you learn about business and its related aspects through case studies, but you’ll also obtain critical hands-on knowledge through training and internships.

GLOBAL CAMPUS gives you the opportunity to participate in vigorous training, group projects, and research papers. These activities prepare you to handle difficult challenges in a business environment. An MBA program gives you the tools, knowledge, and expertise to handle those situations. All in all, MBA colleges set you apart from those with less experience, making you a leader in your chosen field.

You’ll also build long-lasting business relationships and contacts with the individuals in your program. These people become valuable friends and resources during the course of the program, and later on in life.

If you’re thinking of applying to one of many MBA Colleges, don’t hesitate to do so. With so many long-lasting benefits, valuable relationships, and unmatched expertise, you can’t afford to turn down an opportunity of a lifetime. Literally hundreds of people have already reaped the rewards of higher degrees, and hold high paying positions everywhere.

There is one provision: Do your research. With so many MBA Colleges available, you can afford to be selective. The Internet offers plenty of resources, and it’s always a good place to start. Simply go to your favorite search engine and enter the applicable keywords. The result will be hundreds of colleges and universities from which you can choose, and once you find one, you can give them a call—counselors and admissions representatives are always glad to help. The first step is to make a call, and keep in mind that you’ll always be glad you did!

All in all this GLOBAL Invitation is for you to obtain the GLOBAL MBA from GLOBAL CAMPUS. Enter Locally – Exit Globally


Nowadays, as soon as a graduation course draws towards its end, there is a rush to go for a suitable postgraduate business course. The gateway to an ever-ascending corporate career becomes a reality by acquiring a postgraduate business degree.

Sometimes decisions are taken just because it happens to be the trend or the “in thing.” Of course, there is nothing wrong in this, but it is always better to have clarity on “Why You Should Do an MBA?” and the career benefits that one will derive from the same.

Let us examine at least a quarter of a century compelling factors:

  1. Entry Barriers- Some decades back, having an MBA qualification was an added step to success at the corporate growth level. Now, many branded and blue-chip organizations have made it a policy to hire only MBA even at the entry levels. They are tagged as management trainees. In various departments, it is these management trainees who move up the ladder.
  2. Removing Growth Barriers – Having a management degree is an added weapon, which helps when being considered for promotion and higher positions in the corporate structure. The lack of an MBA degree can lead to deserving people being overlooked simply because it is an organizational policy. As per surveys, nearly 18% of MBA students secured immediate placements.
  3. Limitation of Generic Jobs – Having a non-professional graduate degree often becomes a constraint when someone starts entering the workforce. It is not necessary that all have a specialization like Management, HR, Marketing, International Business – , or otherwise. A plain vanilla graduation degree will only give generic jobs, and such jobs always have ready substitutes.  There is no demand for generic profiles, and there is always a glut of supply.
  4. Jack of all Trades & Master of all – The chartered accountant, even at the top level, limits his or her skill to accounts and audit. The mechanical engineer can supervise production as per standards, but cannot assure capacity production if there is a slump in demand. The management profession can assess the external market conditions and at the same time detect a ballooning of cost in the internal department of the company. They can suggest remedial measures.
  5. At the Top Hierarchy is MBA – The corporate culture is changing. There was a time when the Chief Financial Officer used to get the top boss job. If it was a manufacturing company, then the production head due to his technical expertise used to get the coveted position of the CEO. But today, the trend is to put the MBA manager in the top slot. Because of their ability of bird’s eye view. Due to this discernible view, they are entrusted with the role of steering the ship in the right direction.
  6. Personality Development – It is not just about subject knowledge. It is the development of the soft skills. An MBA helps in overall personality growth (source). The course helps to have better presentation and interpersonal relationship skills by fine-tuning the communication. This communication ability is enhanced from the vigorous training and group discussions imparted as part of the curriculum. There is an overhauling of the personality, which otherwise would have taken, painstakingly long years.
  7. Confidence Building – The personality development leads to a high level of confidence. Having high confidence is the gateway to career success. The present-day corporate scenario demands self-esteem and the ability to instill confidence in others. These include internal colleagues, superiors as well as external customers, partners, etc. For them to have confidence, first, the self-confidence should be inculcated. This is where having an MBA helps.
  8. Team Construction – It is one of the most important qualities for job success and career growth. Leading a team and motivating them to deliver the result, is the core component of any organizational growth. It is the team that ultimately succeeds, and for the team to reach its goal, the best in each member should come out. This happens only through a good leader. A good MBA program develops the leader in the individual. It is not uncommon to hear legendary stories from MBA pass outs who have built a small business to giant organizations.
  9. Entrepreneur Abilities – There is many a scene in the current era of digital start-ups, who are fired up with the zeal of setting up their organizations. This becomes much easy if there are experience and background in working in the corporate sector. Additionally, an MBA degree helps in acquiring the technical and theoretical knowledge of subjects like Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Project management, and channel management.
  10. Helps in Running the Family Business – With the advent of digital technology, apps and automation like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), the family business is no longer restricted to specific pockets. It requires exposure and knowledge along with strategic thinking. Business families are nudging their scions to go for MBA and then run the family business.
  11. Subject Specialization – As the economy of any nation expands, more and more sectors are added to it. The growth of a particular sector is a corollary to the expansion of another sector. An MBA course imparts skills as per the contemporary needs. It specializes in subjects like – Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations & Systems Management, Forensics & Corporate Fraud, Business Analytics etc. This creates specialized management professionals who are employed for the specific verticals.
  12. Branding and Advertising- There is no doubt on the fact that brand management, through advertising via the various forms of media, has become a specialized field after numerous MBA colleges springing up across the globe. Product branding and promotion as of today is a research and scientific subject.
  13. Flexibility in Learning- Many universities have the option of part-time MBA. This is to help working professionals to have a scaled knowledge of their vertical domain. It also gives them the chance to apply higher positions which sometimes get stymied on account of having a graduate qualification.  Part-time MBA has flexible class timings, so that daily work schedule is not affected.
  14. Global Credentials – The MBA degree has worldwide credentials. It is country-agnostic. Good managers can succeed in any environment and any country. It is very often seen that top heads of brand names in USA, UK, Canada, etc. are from countries like India and China.
  15. Constant Networking – An entry into the MBA program gives the opportunity to be networked. Every MBA college has industry professionals, recruiters, top-notch managers, subject speakers, and new joiners in the corporate sector, etc. The Alumni of majority MBA schools are highly active cells. It is a source of guidance to old and new students.
  16. Knowledge Building – The MBA curriculum is so designed that it creates an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Campus placements are for the best students. Nobody would like to miss out on that. Upgrading knowledge on real-time facts, economic and political, becomes the need of the hour.
  17. Multi Vertical Skills – The knowledge so built up, comes to use when working and switching from one vertical to another. Only the skills need to be transferred across the organization. A banking domain manager, who understands business, can easily take charge of a consumer goods company.
  18. Out of the Box Ideas – Strategic thinking is a major advantage derived from an MBA as compared to others. The MBA course teaches them to brainstorm and come out with out of the box ideas. Product diversification, Mergers & Acquisitions are happening lately, courtesy the MBA managers.
  19. More Job Opportunities – more openings are available for MBA candidates than for the non-MBAs. It is very common to see the words – MBA preferred, in the job description. This is the norm even in the smaller companies.
  20. Job Candidate Differentiation – There are job opening where comparatively lesser years’ experience is asked from an MBA candidate for certain positions. This is indeed a high advantage and warrants the need for an MBA degree.
  21. Attractive Salary- Talent and capabilities are always rewarded in the corporate sector, but the trend has shown that MBA’s claim a higher pay package.
  22. Technical and Managerial Skills- The typical Mechanical or Electrical engineer understands machine dynamics. There may find constraints in smooth customer negotiations and deal conclusions. This is where having an added MBA degree helps in a combination of tech and soft skills.
  23. Finance Management – Global MBA is Global finance managers too. They have a better sense in planning their investments.
  24. Flexible Syllabus – Among all professional degrees, the MBA syllabus is the most dynamic and is imparted according to the economic and corporate needs of the time.
  25. Higher Social Prestige – Apart from job reasons, it also has its social prestige value. In countries like Sri Lanka, the MBA has a good value in the marriage market as well for prospective bride and grooms – In a lighter vein of course!

There are unending reasons on Why MBA ?, to shape a good future and success. However, if you aim to shatter the barriers of low-level responsibilities at your job, and proliferate success, then an MBA course from GLOBAL CAMPUS will be all that you need.

GLOBAL CAMPUS MBA - Learning Outcome

The Global MBA curriculum integrates contemporary business fundamentals within the technology-driven world of business to inculcate and develop a multifaceted skill-set designed to augment several goals and objectives.  Thus, the program objectives reflect the development of traditional super-ordinate functional skills for offering business solutions.

Critically Integrate and Synthesize the Strategic Functional Areas to Provide Business Solutions

  • Students will be able to think critically and provide solutions for business problems

Oral Articulation and Written Communications

  • Students will be able to effectively deliver technology-driven digital multi-media presentations as well as create convincing reports and other business documents

Leadership and Management of Team Dynamics

  • Students will be able to employ proven team-building strategies and management principles that foster team cooperation as well as employ processes for conflict resolution

Moral, Ethical and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

  • Students will formulate effective business decisions that are grounded upon moral and ethical decision-making frameworks.
  • Students will make sound business decisions that embed corporate social responsibility and sustainability principles.

Employing Technology for Data Acquisition and Analysis

  • Students will be able to employ appropriate quantitative methods and technological tools (hardware and software) to resolve business problems.

Impact of Globalization on Business

  • Students will be able to identify emergent strategies for leveraging globalization efforts that attain super-ordinate organizational goals

Hands-On Approach - Learning Beyond Classrooms

The Experiential Learning at Global Campus provides real-world, value-added experience, thus preparing you for the global marketplace. The Global MBA programme gives you an opportunity to apply what you have learnt in a real-life scenario. Global Campus Students are presented with opportunities to enhance their competencies through projects, activities and case studies. Under Practical CEO sessions, all MBA students are required to undertake a real life scenario. This provides them an opportunity to enhance their classroom learning through its application in a real-world setting.

Industry visits and sessions with Industry experts on campus are frequently organized. Partnerships with industry giants like further enhances the experiential learning experience.

Few Examples

  •  Innovation in Transactional Banking and the customer behavior towards customised products
  • Gaining customer insights and understanding the channel partner on-boarding process
  • Understanding Industry Practices and conceptualizing influencer strategy
  • Analysis of Conglomerate clients to increase overall relationship value

Industry Driven


Recruitment presentations and industry panel discussions are  organized at the campus. You get to connect with a wide range of companies from different fields, thus giving you the opportunity to build healthy relationships with potential employers.



Global Campus offers numerous platforms where students can connect directly with corporate partners and industry leaders, interact with them and gain valuable insights.



At Global Campus, we give students the opportunity to embark on dynamic internships across industries. Under Practice School, all MBA students are required to undertake industry internships. The projects improve the critical reasoning and decision making skills of the students, develop their personality, and enhance their communication and presentation skills.



Entrepreneurs often get carried away by their passion and fail to see the viability of their ideas. At Global Campus, our young student entrepreneurs are supported with tools, skills, place and guidance to stay on track and realize their goals.



From industry-specific interview clinics and assessment centre simulations to personal grooming and soft skills sessions, our workshops leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving you the competitive advantage. Best-in-class consultants and consulting firms are engaged to prepare you technically and strategically for various selection rounds in the companies.



The Global Campus Corporate Engagement Team will guide you through self-assessment, market research, cover letter and resume writing, and assist you in formulating

What's Next ?


There are many ways that you can find out more about the programme before submitting your application. We look forward to interacting with you and meeting you.



These are held throughout the year and give you an opportunity to interact with our faculty, in order to analyze & meet your expectations before the commencement of the program.



Experience life at Global Campus by visiting the campus. Explore the Global Learning Environment, meet the faculty, and feel the global MBA program.


CONTACT Vice Chancellor

Speaking with Vice Chancellor  is a great way to hear about our plans towards your MBA programme.



We are happy to arrange individual consultations to discuss about the MBA programme in detail and answer any questions you may have.

visit the campus, or to reserve a personal consultation session, please contact Team Global Campus

Types of MBA Programs Offered at the Global Campus

  • Full-time MBA –2 years; it covers all the subjects highly essential for the course.
  • Part-time MBA – 1 to 3 Years. Less than 4 years of work experience.
  • Executive MBA– Crafted especially for the busy-bee professionals these require a minimum experience of about 4 years. These usually are of 1 year, and the classes are conducted only during the weekends.
  • Distance MBA – For those who are unable to join regular MBA lectures, going for a distance programme is the best option. However, the acceptance criteria are different compared to a full-time course.
  • Flexible MBA – Self Study with a Comprehensive Support by the campus and have the option to complete all the modules in the program within maximum of 3 years. Access will be given to ongoing lectures at any given time based on the request.

According to the available budget and flexible payment terms and lowest course fee  

No Due dates for Assignments and presentations and students will decide their own calendar and submit.

  • Dual MBA – One of the top choices today, a Dual MBA programme is the best way to enrich your resume with a multi-disciplinary management degree.

Global Campus - MBA Specialization

The Global Campus MBA curriculum provides you the flexibility to develop skills and in-depth knowledge in your preferred area of study, which ultimately prepares you for CEO leadership within a particular industry or sector.

Here is the list of specializations for you to choose from to accelerate your career in the competitive global marketplace.

MBA – Sales & Marketing

MBA – Business Management

MBA – Finance Management

MBA – Banking & Finance

MBA – Insurance & Finance 

MBA – Human Resources Management

MBA – Education & Learning Management

MBA – Talent Management

MBA – Family Business & Entrepreneurship 

MBA – Retail & Wholesale Business Management

MBA –  Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management

MBA –  Healthcare & Hospital Management

MBA – International Business

MBA – International Sales & Marketing

MBA – Manufacturing & Operations Management 

MBA – Business Analytics

MBA –  Finance and Investment Banking

MBA – Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

MBA –  Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering

MBA – Information Technology


Joy of Management


Business Statistics

Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting

Business Research Methodology

Operations Research

Macro Economics & Policy

Costing Products and Services

Synthesizing and Analyzing Data using R

Managing Operations and Supply Chain

Human Resource Management

Sri Lankan Banking and Financial Markets

Marketing of Products and Services

Managing Financial Resources

Bringing Ideas to Market

Project Management

Data Science Using R and Python

Management of Design

Business Model and Intellectual Property

Managing Stakeholders and Legal Processes

Analyzing and Mitigating Risk

Leveraging IT for Business

Strategic Management



Advanced Marketing Research

Integrated Marketing Communication and

Brand Management

Consumer Behavior

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Sales and Distribution Management

Advertising and Media Planning

Relationship Marketing

Service Management

Social Media and Digital Analytics

International Marketing

Marketing Metrics

Retailing and Omni- Channel Marketing



Business Valuation and Modeling

Advanced Corporate Finance

Behavioral Finance and Technical Analysis

Derivatives and Financial Risk Management

Mergers and Acquisitions

Wealth Management

Alternate Investments and Portfolio



Credit Analysis and IPO Analysis

Finance and Investment


Banking Laws

Treasury and Forex Management

Business Valuation and Modelling

Private Equity & Venture Capitalists

Advanced Corporate Finance

Derivatives and Financial Risk Management

Mergers and Acquisitions

Fixed Income Securities


Human Resources

Talent Management

Industrial relations and labour legislation

Emotional intelligence and managerial effectiveness

Compensation Management

Negotiation and Grievance Management

Strategic Human Resource Management

Employee Segmentation

Employer Branding


Business Analytics

Data Visualization for Managers

Data Base Management System and Data Mining

Advanced Business Statistics

Predictive Modelling

Machine Learning Algorithms

Big Data Analytics

Financial Analytics

Supply Chain and Operations Analytics

HR Analytics

Marketing and Pricing Analytics

Web Design and Analytics


Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering

Data Visualization for Managers

Data Base Management System and Data Mining

Privacy, Ethics and Regulations in Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning Algorithms

Big Data Analytics

NLP and Text Analytics

BOT creation Using Python

Data Visualization for Managers

Robotic Process Automation

Algo Trading

Block Chain

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business


Operations and Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain Management

Software Based Project Management

Operations Strategy

Service Operations

Operational Leadership

Lean Six Sigma

Integrated Management System

Robotic Process Automation

GLOBAL MBA Specializations

If you are at your wit’s end and keen to know about the top GLOBAL MBA programmes offered by Global Campus, then here is the list for you:

  1. Marketing

The increasing competition among various industries and brands sharing the common genre is probably one of the reasons why marketing is in the limelight these days. Companies are regularly on the lookout for skilled marketing professionals who can stand in the busy market. Basically, they would hire ones who can differentiate about the exceptionalities of their product to the rest of the world.

And in return earn them huge turnovers also taking 6 figure take home pay. Marketing had always been one of the top sectors to the higher maximum number of MBA graduates per year. If you specialize in marketing, you would be taught about the ways to be impeccable in almost every sector off your industry. The topics that would be covered in your specialization course include customer analysis, market research and analysis, business ethics, product management and much more.

You shouldn’t deduce that all you have to do is to promote and market your company’s services and products. You would have the liberty to go for jobs concerning departments like IT sales, media, internet marketing, and others. An education that will allow you to practice marketing in real-live projects while still studying, will help you land into your role already prepared to take on responsibilities and see them through.

  1. Finance

Reports say finance stands out to be the top choice of about 22 % of MBA students. This is major because of the fat salary being offered to finance graduates after completing their course. You can never go wrong with finance and banking, as it takes care of the financial growth of a particular company or an institution. Upon attending lectures, you would be taught to implement your business skills to solve recurrent problems faced in the financial sector.

Like marketing, here also you would own options to look for jobs in the sectors of your preference. For example, investment banking, portfolio management, credit risk management, etc. If you aren’t excited to start out in a financial sector, then you are free to join any non-financial firm where you will be assigned to maintain their finance department.

  1. Human Resources

If you are an MBA aspirant, you must know that HRs of any company are assigned to tackle the workforce of an entire company quite gracefully. That is to say, HR doesn’t only manage the employees and issue the number of leaves taken, or checks any unethical deeds. They are supposed to be in touch with every department prevalent in a company as well as their recruitment processes. You must have known until now that in most of the Job interviews, the occurrence of an HR round is a must.

For these reasons, an HR has to be versatile and updated with news and happenings of the entire industry and even your academic syllabus. If you take up HR, you would have to manage a ton of tasks some conventional like recording entry and exits of the employees. You would have to take the lead to ensure the work environment is a cordial one to guarantee high productivity.

  1. Travel and Tourism

If traveling rejuvenate you and you want to travel and work for the rest of your life, then travel, and tourism management is the most suitable match for you. This is also one of the specializations where one owns the chance to get hired with a pretty decent salary structure. Giant organisations recruit consultants to seek their views and assistance about various issues which can only be solved from an outsider’s perspective.

For example, a company facing unknown challenges who don’t know how to drive them away would hire a consultant to get solutions. If you want to pursue this, they would have to deal with and manage quite distinct genres of sectors which may need your assistance to function. You can be approached by various segments like boutique consulting, advertising, public relations, and media.

You can finally give a rush to your adrenaline by traveling and working in several places all around the world. But do you know what the drawback is? The long and dull hours of working!

  1. International Business

If your interest focuses on studying and analyzing the world economy, then this perhaps is the right choice for you. Although a bit out of the sack, it provides an understanding of the how the world economy reacts and responds to various stimuli. International business MBAs are designated to departments like import and export management international finance analysis, international marketing and logistics.

Nonetheless to say, here also one of the bonus points is traveling, obviously for work purposes. If you study for this specialization and get hired, then be prepared to meet and share the meeting with the international clients. Like HR, if you know how to talk your way out and own a charismatic personality, then after pursuing this course, there is no looking back for you.

And the reports say, that about 15.25% of all the employees tasking as operations managers get a maximum salary hike of about 100%.

  1. Information Technology

It has been seen that a majority of engineering students comprise the MBA batches every year in top universities. Among them, those from the IT background form a considerable part. So, an MBA in IT is considered to be most suitable for them owing to their technical familiarity.

Moreover, if you opt for an MBA in IT after completing your engineering degree in Computer Science or IT, then you can venture into known territories too.

  1. Operations

If you are keen on managing the end-to-end process of developing and producing finished products, then an MBA in Operations will be ideal. This stream of specialization is the best way to break the barriers of industry-specific needs since Operations Managers are needed by all industries at all times.

Starting from developing a product from scratch to its finishing, marketing, and distribution, an MBA in Operations is responsible for all these stages. Ensuring customer satisfaction is also an integral part of this chain of activities that they need to manage.

  1. Information Systems

This stream of specialization is slightly different than an MBA degree in Information Technology. Information Systems are networks of machines or systems that are used by people and organisations across the world to gather, distribute and process different kinds of data.

And an MBA course in Information Systems delivers the technical knowledge as well as business expertise, that is needed in different sectors of the IT industry.

  1. Hospital Management

This is one of the most popular courses that students of medicine are known to pursue. But if you think that an MBA in Hospital Management is designed keeping only the doctors in mind, then you are under a wrong idea. Any non-medical person can also complete Hospital Management and join as a senior manager position in leading hospitals in the government as well as private sectors.

The field of hospital management is one of the most rapidly growing sectors today as we all have witnessing with Corona Virus disease and is seeing an increasing number of applications monthly after monthly. It has been estimated by experts that globally, the demand for managers of health services will rise to more than 22% in the next 3 to 4 years time.

  1. Supply Chain

Pursuing an MBA programme in the field of Supply Chain Management is specifically designed in preparing the candidates for shaping a successful career in the end-to-end process of supply chain companies. Supply chain companies have a wide and convoluted network that is spread across the world expanding over several countries.

So an MBA in Supply Chain services will have the necessary business acumen to consider how products move from the origin country to its destination. Supply Chain managers are hugely in demand across varied industries, starting from retail and manufacturing, to e-commerce, logistics, aviation, shipping, and even consulting firms.

MBA in Digital Marketing – The Next BIG Thing

With Digital Marketing assuming gigantic proportions in the current global businesses, an MBA in Digital Marketing is all set to be the next big thing for sure. Several of the top colleges already offer courses for management in Digital Marketing.

The demand for this course is already seeing a huge number of applicants that is only set to rise over the next few years.


So these are some of the most sought-after a comprehensive analysis. But we recommend you to realize your interests and check the market valuation of the specialization before deciding to enroll for your MBA.

If you feel puzzled at any point in time, you can always approach 24/7 GLOBAL CAMPUS career expert at your convenient.


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If you feel puzzled at any point in time, you can always approach 24/7 GLOBAL CAMPUS career expert at your convenient.
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